GRUH offers loans to all segments of society – Salaried segment, Self Employed individuals, Businessmen and Individuals having their own Professional practice. GRUH offers loans against Formal Income proof documents as well as to Individuals who do not possess Formal income documents such as Pay Slip or IT Returns.

The income appraisal for Self Employed individuals and individuals who do not possess income proof is determined based on assessment of cash flow wherein GRUH staff carries out detailed Field Investigation of the business and determines the cash flow.

To assess the income of such varied segments and bring in uniformity in its appraisal methods, GRUH has developed its own Credit Score model. Each loan applicant is assessed on 23 credit parameters covering aspects such as income, family, savings, assets and liabilities etc.

For each loan product therefore, there is a Rate of Interest (ROI) band wherein depending on the individual credit score of the applicant, the customer is offered an ROI within the band.