With a view to encourage small savings among women, GRUH has introduced the “GRUHINI Bachat Yojana”. For the deposit to be eligible under the “GRUHINI Bachat Yojana”, the first / sole depositor has to be a Female Depositor.

Any female depositor placing deposit under the “GRUHINI Bachat Yojana” , is offered 25 bps over and above the regular rate of interest applicable on the GRUH’s Deposits.

However where a Female Depositor is a Senior Citizen, the depositor can either claim the benefit of additional 25 bps over the regular deposit rates as a Sr. Citizen or as a GRUHINI depositor. A female depositor cannot get dual benefit of a Sr. Citizen depositor and as a GRUHINI simultaneously.

The taxability of the interest paid on deposits placed under the “GRUHINI Bachat Yojana”, will be governed by the prevalent Income Tax Rules.

Acceptance of deposits under the “GRUHINI Bachat Yojana” will be at the sole discretion of GRUH. GRUH reserves the right to discontinue acceptance of deposits under “GRUHINI Bachat Yojana” at any time.