GRUH Home Loans – Advantages :
  • Variety of Loan Products to meet the requirement of all customer segments
  • Decentralised and Quick loan processing and disbursement
  • Attractive Rate of Interest
  • Quick and transparent processing
  • Longest tenure upto 30 years subject to maximum Age norms.

GRUH Sajavat is offered to Individuals to meet expenses of repair / renovation of their existing dwelling unit.

GRUH Sajavat can be offered for a maximum tenure upto15 years. Repairs / Renovation such as Painting, Plumbing, Re-laying the Roof etc can be financed under GRUH Sajavat

Loan under GRUH Sajavat is offered upto 75% / 80%  of the cost of repair work.

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Please note, w.e.f. October 17, 2019, Annual Reducing Method has been discontinued for fresh loans.

Monthly Reducing Method
Daily Reducing Method
  • Reduction from Principal
    The principal component of the EMI would be reduced from the loan amount each month and the interest for the next month would be calculated on the reduced principal. Thus, the customer gets the benefit in principal payment every month.
    Interest is calculated only upto the date of payment and any excess payment received is adjusted towards principal. Thus customer gets benefit of amortisation on each date of payment
  • Impact of Rate Revision
    Effective from month following the month when rate revision is effected
    Effective from the same day when rate revision is effected
  • Calculation of ODI
    ODI is applicable if any payment is not received by due date. No waiver in ODI is possible
    ODI is applicable if any payment is not received by due date. No waiver in ODI is possible
  • Prepayment calculation
    5 days grace is provided for prepayment benefit in each month. Hence if prepayment is made by 5th of the month then benefit of prepayment is given from same month else full EMI is payable for the current month and prepayment impact is given from next month
    Benefit of prepayment is given from immediate next date of prepayment irrespective of which date the prepayment is made